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  1. Knowledge is Power when it comes to Prostate Cancer

    Prostate Cancer: Knowledge is Power

    Men worry about losing different things as they age: their looks, their hair, their athletic abilities, or losing their sexual performance. While these things are all important, there are many more pressing issues when it comes to men’s health that…Read More

  2. What men should know about prostate cancer

    Things Every Man Should Know About Prostate Cancer

    While men may be quick to recall the score of last weekend’s big game or how many touchdowns their favorite running back scored this season, they are less likely to immediately know some of the most important facts about prostate cancer. Prostate …Read More

  3. UsTOO, a prostate cancer support group

    Support Group Spotlight: Us TOO International Prostate Cancer Education & Support Network

    When diagnosed with prostate cancer, the feeling can be very isolating. Other men you know seem healthy and vibrant; surely they don’t have prostate cancer. Or, perhaps, you’re the spouse/partner or family member of a man who has been diagnosed …Read More

  4. Focused Ultrasound is non-invasive, radiation free and can destroy cancer

    Focused on a Cure

    An overview of Focused Ultrasound and how HIFU treats different kinds of cancer | World Cancer Day, later this week on February 4th, focuses on how people as a whole can work together to combat cancer, eliminating the burden it puts on the people of …Read More

  5. Herb Reimenschnider, MD

    HIFU Physician Spotlight: Dr. Herb Riemenschneider

    Dr. Herb Riemenschneider is a board certified urologist treating patients in Columbus, Ohio. He is the HIFU Program Director at Riverside Urology and has personally seen hundreds of men conquer their battle with prostate cancer. Below, we put the sp…Read More

  6. Watchful Waiting as an option for prostate cancer

    Prostate Cancer – Watch and Wait?

    Stunned. Distressed. Angry. These may be some of the emotions that you may be feeling after receiving a diagnosis of prostate cancer. The C-word strikes fear into the hearts of all people and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, re…Read More

  7. Accomplishments of 2016 for HIFU Prostate Services

    Reflections on 2016 at HIFU Prostate Services

    A new year is a time to look forward, make resolutions and set goals for the year ahead. You get a clean slate – a new start – a fresh beginning. It is also an excellent time to look back and reflect on accomplishments from the previous year. Re…Read More

  8. Sonablate HIFU Feature in Focus: TCM Software

    HIFU, which stands for high intensity focused ultrasound, is a recently approved, new technology for prostate tissue ablation. Many urologists have worked with HIFU for several years in order to offer their patients a minimally invasive, treatment o…Read More

  9. Dr. Robert Pugach

    Spotlight: Robert Pugach, MD

    Our physician spotlight today focuses on west coast urologist, Robert Pugach, MD. He is a specialist in minimally invasive procedures, including prostate cancer, and has been working with Sonablate HIFU for more than 10 years. He speaks regularly ab…Read More

  10. Thanksful for advances in prostate cancer research

    Thankful Thoughts on #GivingTuesday

    ‘Tis the season for giving thanks and, giving in general. With Thanksgiving just behind us, and Christmas and Hanukkah, just around the corner, Americans are gearing up for giving and receiving. This holiday season, let’s turn our thankful thoug…Read More