HIFU Prostate Services Launches Operations as Leading Provider of Minimally-Invasive Prostate Cancer Treatments using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

Places Order for Five Sonablate® Prostate Cancer Systems from SonaCare Medical

 CHARLOTTE, N.C. October 20th, 2015—HIFU Prostate Services, LLC, a leading provider of minimally-invasive prostate cancer treatments using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (“HIFU”), launches operations and placed an initial purchase order of five Sonablate® systems from SonaCare Medical, LLC, the worldwide leader in HIFU technology. HIFU Prostate Services is partnering with physicians throughout the U.S. to provide the FDA-cleared HIFU treatment that preserves patient quality of life to men with prostate cancer.  HIFU offers an effective treatment for localized prostate cancer with significantly less risk of common side effects, such as impotence and incontinence, which are typically reported with surgery and radiation.  Sonablate® HIFU is approved in over 30 countries and has been used to treat over 15,000 men worldwide, including over 4,000 U.S. men treated in approved locations by U.S. urologists.

Industry Leaders

HIFU Prostate Services is led by Chief Executive Officer, John W. Linn, who spent nearly 11 years with SonaCare Medical helping to build the company by establishing international treatment facilities. It is also spearheaded by Medical Director, Michael J. Lazar, MD who has performed HIFU treatments since 2007 using the Sonablate®.  Dr. Lazar is a credentialed proctor and trainer as well as one of three physicians who worked with SonaCare Medical to supervise HIFU treatments during FDA clinical trials.  John R. Harris, a successful technology services executive, will serve as Chairman of Board.  Additionally, HIFU Prostate Services has assembled a team of former SonaCare Medical veterans who bring vast experience to the foundation of the company.  HIFU Prostate Services will provide turnkey patient and physician support that includes patient education, scheduling and payment.

“This represents an exciting milestone for the treatment of prostate cancer especially as focal treatments are emerging which allow for cancer treatment and a high quality of life.  We are excited to partner with some of the leading HIFU physicians in the U.S. to provide this game-changing technology to patients who historically had to travel outside the U.S. for the treatment,” said Linn.    

“We can finally offer in the US what we have given our patients internationally for years.  HIFU offers an easy, outpatient, well tolerated treatment of the whole prostate or just the area with cancer, avoiding surgical mutilation, radiation side effects and secondary cancers.  Men go back to normal activities very rapidly, and can return to work as early as the next day.  The incidence of erectile dysfunction and incontinence are much lower than with any other available therapy.  And if additional care is needed, you still have all of your options, unlike with surgery or radiation,” commented Dr. Lazar.

HIFU offers patients a single, outpatient treatment that is bloodless and allows patients to return to their normal lifestyles within a few days after treatment.  Although HIFU is designed as a single treatment, it can be repeated if needed. HIFU may also be used to treat patients that have failed radiation therapy and it does not preclude any future treatments including surgery or radiation.

About HIFU Prostate Services, LLC

HIFU Prostate Services (HPS), a privately held healthcare company, is a leading provider of minimally-invasive HIFU treatment for localized prostate cancer. HPS is committed to providing effective HIFU treatment that can eliminate cancer and reduce potential quality of life altering side effects.  

The Company’s mission is to assist physicians in acquiring access to innovative technologies that improve the quality of patient care. HPS is partnering with leading urologists to provide the FDA-cleared Sonablate® system to patients in the United States. HPS was founded by a seasoned management team with over 50 years experience in the healthcare industry and over 30 years focused on HIFU technologies. HPS was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Charlotte, N.C

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