Washington, D.C. Urologists Bring Cutting Edge Prostate Cancer Treatment to Area

HIFU Prostate Services partners with urologists to make HIFU available for first time in the District of Columbia Metro Area

May 3, 2016. CHARLOTTE, N.C. HIFU Prostate Services (HPS), the most experienced provider of HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) with the largest network of HIFU doctors, is proud to announce that they have partnered with NOVA HIFU, LLC lead by Anshu Guleria, MD who has been using HIFU outside the U.S. since 2010. This partnership will be the first to bring the minimally invasive prostate cancer treatment option to the District of Columbia metro area.

“I know from my experience that the outcomes from Sonablate HIFU are superior to other treatment options for the right candidate and it is exciting to be a part of bringing this technology to the district,” said Michael Lazar, MD, medical director of HIFU Prostate Services.

HIFU (pronounced “high-foo”), which was cleared by the FDA for prostate tissue ablation in October 2015, is a non-surgical, radiation-free, outpatient procedure that uses focused ultrasound waves to heat and destroy tissue in the prostate with lower risk of complications than traditional therapies. Physicians can target and treat small amounts of tissue thus minimizing damage to nerves around the prostate responsible for preserving potency.

“We know that men are looking for less invasive treatment options for prostate cancer.  We also know that adding Sonablate HIFU to the tools we currently have for treating prostate cancer will add tremendous value to patients seeking lower risk options,” said Guleria.

NOVA HIFU, LLC is a partnership that includes several of the area’s top urologists, who are leaders in prostate cancer treatments. This will be the ninth center for HIFU Prostate Services, which exclusively uses Sonablate HIFU technology.

“We are proud to be first company to bring HIFU to the nation’s capital giving men in the region the opportunity to receive top quality care that only an experienced team like HIFU Prostate Services can provide,” said John Linn, chief executive officer of HIFU Prostate Services. “It’s especially exciting to make this announcement of growth leading up the to the annual meeting of the American Urological Association where HIFU will be featured prominently.”

About HIFU Prostate Services, LLC

HIFU Prostate Services (HPS) is the first, largest, and most experienced HIFU team in the U.S. and was founded to provide men access to a less invasive treatment option for prostate cancer that has the ability to eliminate cancer and preserve patient quality of life. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of care, support, and technology to the patient and to the urology community for the treatment of localized prostate cancer using Sonablate HIFU. The company is headquartered in Charlotte, NC and has established partnerships with physicians and urology practices throughout the country.

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