The Male Lumpectomy – Focal Therapy

Contributed by Robert Pugach, MD

Dr. Robert Pugach performs Sonablate HIFU
Dr. Robert Pugach of Western States HIFU performs Sonablate HIFU in Los Angeles

I am excited to let you know about a new modality in the treatment of prostate cancer, “focal therapy.

Focal HIFU represents a breakthrough in the treatment of localized prostate cancer, similar to recent targeted treatment shifts in breast cancer care for women. Often referred to as the male lumpectomy, focal HIFU only targets the portions of the prostate that contain significant cancer cells and treatment can be customized based on the patient’s individualized diagnosis.MRI Fusion with Sonablate HIFU

How is this possible?

By fusing high resolution MRI images with real time ultrasound images, and taking advantage of the extraordinary precision of the Sonablate HIFU system, we can now target specific areas in the prostate that cancer without damaging other parts of the prostate.

What are the distinct advantages of HIFU Focal Therapy?

  • Treatment time is less, so there’s less anesthesia and faster recovery
  • The incidence of urine leakage is less than 1%
  • The incidence of erection problems is less than 5%
  • Catheterization time is dramatically reduced
  • You’ll return to normal activities quickly!

Why is Focal HIFU being compared to a lumpectomy?

Focal HIFU has been called the “male lumpectomy.” The analogy is breast cancer in women. Rather than taking out an entire breast when there’s a small area of cancer, a “lumpectomy” is performed. Similarly, rather than removing or destroying an entire prostate with radical surgery or radiation, HIFU allows us to treat limited areas. Focal HIFU is the latest advance in the remarkable HIFU procedure.

Dr. Pugach trains with Mark Emberton in London
Dr. Pugach trains with Mark Emberton, MD in London. Dr. Emberton is a global expert in focal therapy.

About the Author

Dr. Robert Pugach
Dr. Robert Pugach

This article was contributed by Dr. Robert Pugach of Western States HIFU, one of the most experienced HIFU practitioners in the world. Dr. Pugach offers HIFU to patients from across the United States and around the world. For more information about Dr. Pugach, HIFU, or Focal therapy, call 1-844-HIFUDOC (1-844-443-8362) or email him at

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