Presidential Proclamation for Prostate Cancer

We have been talking all month about ways different people are raising awareness about prostate cancer but we failed to mention one individual who made a rather large proclamation at the beginning of the September.

President Proclaims September National Prostate Cancer Awareness MonthIn case you missed it, President Barack Obama proclaimed that September is National Public Awareness Month for prostate cancer.

The statement from the White House says, “As a country, we must do everything in our power to support men who are battling prostate cancer, deliver the care and treatment they need, and defeat this devastating disease. A cancer-free future is within our grasp — with bold vision and daring optimism, we are pioneering medical breakthroughs in research and seeking to discover a cure for cancer in our time. During National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, we remember all the men who lost their lives to this disease, and resolve to reach a tomorrow where prostate cancer is no longer a threat to our sons and grandsons.”

No matter where you fall politically, we should all agree with strong push for prostate cancer awareness and the messages that resonate through this proclamation. Talk to your doctor. Raise awareness. And thank the researchers, medical professionals and advocates that dedicate themselves to patients and survivors.

Check out the entire proclamation here.

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