Thankful Thoughts on #GivingTuesday

Thanksful for advances in prostate cancer research

‘Tis the season for giving thanks and, giving in general. With Thanksgiving just behind us, and Christmas and Hanukkah, just around the corner, Americans are gearing up for giving and receiving. This holiday season, let’s turn our thankful thoughts back to all the developments that have been made in prostate cancer research and look forward to the future advancements.

In the past year, there have been many prostate cancer discoveries and studies that may lead to better treatments and improved diagnosis, including:

  • Advances in diagnostic imaging for accurately diagnosing prostate cancer is becoming more commonly used to prevent over treatment that could lead to serious side effects for men.
  • Researchers found a RNA helicase can slow the spread of cancerous cells and make them more susceptible to radiation in prostate cancer treatments.
  • A protein known as TRAP1 has been shown to decrease growth in prostate cancer. Targeting this protein could make the tumors more vulnerable to treatment and slow aggressive cancers.
  • Growing proficiency in robotic surgery has decreased the blood lost during treatment and recovery time post-treatment.
  • A new outpatient prostate cancer treatment utilizing miniscule gold particles and lasers has been shown to have little to no side effects, including sexual function and urinary usage. More research and testing is needed to verify whether these effects, or lack thereof, are consistent.
  • Up to date screening criteria for general practitioners using a more precise PSA screening.
  • Growing availability of HIFU for prostate cancer means that more physicians throughout the country can offer the minimally invasive procedure without need to travel long distances.

Those are just a few recent studies and findings in the United States from 2016. Interested in learning more about prostate cancer research news? Check back on our blog frequently or the American Cancer Society has an ongoing page dedicated to just that: What’s new in prostate cancer research?

Today, November 29, the United States celebrates another #GivingTuesday, a holiday dedicated to global charitable contributions focused on end-of-year donations. But #GivingTuesday doesn’t just focus on monetary donations; it also encourages people to donate their time and their energies to improving the world and the people around them.

This year consider taking a stand against prostate cancer, whether that involves volunteering to help a patient in need or donating to further research. While there are billions donated to cancer research yearly, cancer is still the second leading cause of death in the United States, and funding is still needed to continue advancing technologies and treatments until there are no more cancer deaths.

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