Reflections on 2016 at HIFU Prostate Services

Accomplishments of 2016 for HIFU Prostate Services

A new year is a time to look forward, make resolutions and set goals for the year ahead. You get a clean slate – a new start – a fresh beginning. It is also an excellent time to look back and reflect on accomplishments from the previous year. Reflections serve to highlight achievements and set a positive tone for moving forward.

At HIFU Prostate Services (HPS), as we reflect on 2016, the first words that come to mind are GROWTH and IMPACT. We are proud that we hit the ground running, because it means that we are working hard towards our company mission, which is to provide a better quality of life for men facing prostate cancer. The growth we have experienced in 2016 has firmly positioned us as the largest provider of HIFU treatments for prostate cancer in the country.

At a glance, here are our top reflections of HPS for 2016:

  • The HPS network of experienced HIFU doctors and HIFU treatment centers performed nearly 300 HIFU treatments.
  • Grown physician network to 30 actively treating HIFU doctors with an affiliate network of over 220 physicians.
  • Launched a mobile HIFU business in two cities (Raleigh and Indianapolis) with fully equipped, HIFU -branded vans that safely transport the Sonablate (HIFU medical device) between multiple office locations for added convenience and accessibility.
  • Established a Medical Advisory Board that will meet quarterly and present a monthly webinar on a HIFU related topic for all of the HPS users and potential new users.
  • Expanded HPS team by adding four new full-time employees who all have extensive experience working with HIFU technology at SonaCare Medical, including:
  • Launched two educational online portals to give both patients and physicians access to important information that specifically relates to their experience with HIFU.
    • Patient Portal: Men and their loved ones treated at a HPS treatment center have access to a portal where they can watch videos to help them prepare for their procedure and about what to expect after their HIFU treatment. They also have access to helpful documents and instructions for what to expect before and after HIFU for prostate cancer.
    • Physician Portal: Incorporates the latest in online technology to offer HPS physicians access to an online training portal in order to have the most highly trained network of treating HIFU physicians. Our HIFU doctors have access to sophisticated training tools anytime they want to help ensure the best possible HIFU outcomes.
  • HPS attended two major conferences that highlighted HIFU technology.
    • The annual conference of the American Urological Association (AUA) highlighted HIFU in several sessions and presentations throughout the meeting.
    • The Advanced Robotic Urology and Prostate Cancer Update took place in August in Napa, Calif.

If 2016 is any indication; there is a lot to be excited about as we look into 2017.

“We believe we can continue to grow and make a powerful impact by offering men with prostate cancer a non-invasive treatment option that helps them preserve their quality of life.”, said John McLean, chief operating officer.

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