Not all HIFU is created Equal


Sonablate HIFU versus Ablatherm


If you have been exploring HIFU as a treatment option, you have probably already learned that there are two different devices available to treat prostate cancer – the Sonablate® and the Ablatherm®.

What you may not have learned, is that there are some significant differences between the two HIFU devices which are worth highlighting.

  • The HIFU lesion with Ablatherm is larger than the Sonablate lesion, meaning it cannot be as precise in conforming to the shape of the prostate or in preserving neurovascular bundles. It may also miss tissue that needs to be treated or destroy untargeted tissue. The graphics below illustrate how HIFU lesion size impacts the quality of treatment.
Sonablate and Ablatherm have different size and shapes of HIFU lesions.
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  • Clinical outcomes, including cancer control and side effects can be impacted by how HIFU is delivered. Clinical data often varies based on which HIFU device is being used for treatment. The data below is a snapshot of clinical outcomes compared between the devices for full gland (Primary) treatment and focal/hemiablation.
HIFU Device Comparison Data
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Want to learn more about the differences of the Sonablate and the Ablatherm?

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 Sonablate® is a trademark SonaCare Medical. Ablatherm® is a trademark of EDAP TMS. 

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