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Tips for Traveling for Cancer Treatment

Whether you live in a small town or a big city, sometimes it’s necessary to travel for cancer treatments. Sometimes your research for treatment turns up a perfect solution – […]… read more

Who treats Prostate Cancer?

Urologists, Radiologists, and Oncologists – Oh My! For many men, their journey with prostate cancer starts with routine blood work ordered by their primary care physician (PCP). An elevated prostate-specific […]… read more

Why is a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis So Confusing?

Navigating anything cancer related, for a lay-person, can be incredibly confusing. Especially when you feel fine and are getting blind-sided by something like elevated blood work. Other than skin cancer, […]… read more

Prostate Cancer Statistics

Will I die? That is probably the first, if not one of the first, questions that will run through a man’s head when he is first diagnosed with prostate cancer. […]… read more

Feature in Focus: Rectal Wall Monitoring

Our Feature in Focus Series highlights the unique features of the Sonablate HIFU device that make it stand out from other HIFU devices and from other prostate cancer treatments. You […]… read more

Support Group Spotlight: ZERO

When the group, ZERO, was formed, they likely had many different goals. They probably wanted to be a source of information for men and their caregivers and loved ones. They […]… read more

New medical procedure helps fight prostate cancer WXII 12 Winston-Salem talks to Dr. Michael Wolff about HIFU Source:… read more