HIFU Benefits Series: No Blood loss, No Surgery

HIFU is non surgical treatment for prostate cancer with no blood loss.

With any surgical procedure, there is a risk of losing blood. With HIFU for prostate cancer that risk is completely eliminated as the treatment is delivered via a transrectal probe and therefore, there is no cutting or incision required.

Although new, less invasive techniques have been developed recently for the radical prostatectomy (open surgery to have the prostate removed), historically speaking the procedure has been associated with significant operative blood loss and risk of transfusion.

When a man chooses to have HIFU for prostate cancer, it is considered a non-surgical, or non-invasive approach. As such, a lot of the risks associated with any type of surgery are minimized or eliminated altogether.

For any type of cancer diagnosis, the ability to remove any risks from a medical procedure can really create a sense of security. The type of peace of mind that can result from eliminating risks can make a major impact on the day-to-day lives of people facing the diagnosis of cancer.

As a non-invasive procedure, HIFU has several advantages over other traditional treatment therapies. Explore more of the benefits of HIFU for prostate cancer by visiting our HIFU Benefits Series page.

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