Running for Prostate Cancer on Father’s Day

Fathers Day is a perfect holiday to remember prostate cancer awareness!Many people wonder, how can I support my father who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer who lives far away?

It’s hard to be there for someone when there are many miles between you. Or, perhaps, your loved one’s prostate cancer prognosis isn’t grim, and they’re taking a watch-and-wait approach. It feels wrong to do nothing; how can you support them?

Many organizations hold annual charity walk/runs every Father’s Day for prostate cancer awareness. By raising valuable funds, prostate cancer experts can continue to do research and perform clinical trials that might one day completely eradicate the disease.

Here are just a few of the many organizations that hold annual Father’s Day events. With today being Father’s Day, this gives you a whole year to break in those new running shoes, hit your friends up for donations, and prepare to support a cause that is near and dear to your heart.

Father’s Day Events for Prostate Cancer

Walk for POP
Mesa, Arizona

Goal: Our goal is to educate all men over 40 about the importance of annual screenings and early detection: they are keys to survival.

About the Event: Our annual festive, educational walk raises awareness of the importance of early detection of prostate cancer, the second-most diagnosed cancer in men. The walk also celebrates millions of prostate cancer survivors, and honors those whose lives have been lost to the disease.

Raymond James Father’s Day Walk/Run for Prostate Cancer
British Columbia, Canada

Goal: The Father’s Day Run is a powerful way to raise awareness and funds in the fight against prostate cancer -from helping people facing the disease in your community to ensuring this cancer is a thing of the past for future generations.

About the Event: The Father’s Day Run (and in past the Do It For Dad Walk/Run) is an annual event held in several communities across B.C. The Run offers an opportunity to honour the prostate cancer survivors in your life, promote awareness of the number one cancer for men, and raise money to help find a cure. There are many ways to get involved including donations, volunteering, participating and more.

Dad’s Day Timed 5K, 3K Family Run/Walk, and 1K Kids Walk

Houston, Texas
Goal: Tex US TOO, Inc., Houston’s oldest and largest chapter, provides a forum for sharing, caring and learning from medical experts and through many programs and services. No one needs to face prostate cancer alone. We spread hope.
About the Event: Come join us on Father’s Day weekend and have some family fun at the Dad’s Day event to promote awareness and education about prostate cancer. Sign up for a 5k timed run, or a 3k family walk, and for the kids, there is a 1k run.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of ways to increase awareness and raise money for prostate cancer on Father’s Day. You might be participating for your father, your brother, your son, your friend, or perhaps yourself. Or, maybe, you just recognize that statistics show that one in seven men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, and we’ve got to find a cure. No matter the reason, pull on those sneakers, open up your wallet, and in honor of dads everywhere on this Father’s Day, let’s do our part to put an end to prostate cancer!

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