Doctors Offering HIFU: What to look for?

How to choose a HIFU physician

Since HIFU was approved by the FDA in October 2015 for prostate tissue ablation, there are physicians and companies throughout the US that are starting to offer the non-invasive prostate cancer treatment option.

Like with any new medical procedure, it is vital that before patients choose a treatment they thoroughly research the procedure as well as the physician that is going to perform it.

In the case of HIFU, it is very important to explicitly ask your treating physician several specific questions in order to understand their background and experience level with the technology. As a patient evaluates a HIFU physician, it may be helpful to ask these questions:

  • What HIFU training have you undergone?
  • Where did you receive your HIFU training?
  • How long have you been working with HIFU patients?
  • How many HIFU patients have you worked with?
  • How often do you perform HIFU treatments?
  • What device do you use to offer HIFU (Sonablate or Ablatherm)?
  • How long has your facility been offering HIFU?

HIFU Prostate Services (HPS) only works with physicians who have undergone rigorous training and have worked with a HIFU proctor to ensure quality delivery of the treatment.

Over the next few weeks on the blog, we will address each of these questions in more detail to help patients understand why each one is important, and how a doctor’s response to the question may be misleading. Stay tuned!

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