Faces of HIFU – Patient Testimonials

Prostate cancer has the potential to affect the life of any man over the age of 40 at anytime. If you have been diagnosed you may feel alone, but you are not, there are thousands of men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year.

Faces of HIFU - Patient Testimonial Brochure
Patient Testimonial Brochure – Faces of HIFU

As you look at HIFU as a treatment option for prostate cancer, we encourage you to seek out other men who have had HIFU and learn about their story and their prostate cancer journey.  In fact, you will find the personal stories of five different men who selected HIFU for their prostate cancer in this brochure entitled, Faces of HIFU. Click on the cover of the brochure to download or call us to request  a hard copy, 1-877-884-HIFU (4438).

Did you already have HIFU? Do you want to share your story? Please send it to us at info@hifuprostateservices.com!

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