Looking for Clinical Literature About HIFU for Prostate Cancer?

HIFU Clinical Literature

Look no further.

At HIFU Prostate Services, we know how important it is to be up to date with the latest clinical information about treatments for prostate cancer, including HIFU. Due to the fact that some people still consider HIFU a fairly “new” treatment available for prostate cancer, it is increasingly important to not only know what the clinical literature says, but to understand the large amount of clinical literature that exists about HIFU.

That is why we created a section within our website where anyone can easily scroll through various links to clinical literature published about HIFU for prostate cancer. Some of the articles are specific to focal therapy or salvage prostate cancer therapy, but since there is so much research going on these days, there are constantly new articles being published.

We encourage you to check out the page here and come back frequently to see if anything new has been added.


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