Most Experienced HIFU Team in U.S.

At HIFU Prostate Services, we have a national platform for creating partnerships with physicians to make HIFU available to men with localized prostate cancer. Then we work with those doctors locally to educate people and build awareness about this non-invasive prostate cancer treatment option.

We are proud that our network of doctors and treatment centers (where HIFU is available) is the largest in the country, and the most experienced.

HIFU Map HIFU Prostate Services

The cities that we currently have facilities and experienced physicians include:

Baltimore, Maryland
Beverly Hills, California
Cary, North Carolina
Charlotte, North Carolina
Columbus, Ohio
Houston, Texas
Indianapolis, Indiana
Los Angeles, California
Louisville, Kentucky
Norfolk, Virginia
Orlando, Florida
Portland, Oregon
San Francisco, California
Washington, DC


Visit our treatment centers page to learn more about the locations or find a doctor who treats in that area.

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