HIFU Physician Spotlight: Rush Patel, MD

Dr Rashmi “Rush” Patel
Dr. Rashmi “Rush” Patel

Dr. Rush Patel is a urologist at Central Ohio Urology Group in Columbus, Ohio. He loves building relationships with his patients and has been fascinated with science from an early age. Dr. Rush Patel preforms HIFU at the Central Ohio Urology Surgery Center. See pictures and learn more about the outpatient surgery center her.

Read through the questions and answers below to learn more about Dr. Rush Patel. What to read his complete bio? You can find it here.

1. What was your main motivation in becoming a doctor? When did you decide on this path?
I decided on medicine late in my high school years as I became captivated with biology and chemistry. I’ve always been fascinated with living systems – specifically how living systems work and thrive, which made me pursue the field of medicine.

2. How did you decide on your particular specialty? Why urology?
I knew I wanted to become a surgeon as I was finishing medical school. In particular, I chose urology due to the fact that I could build strong long term relationships with my patients while providing medical care along with also being a surgeon.

3. What is your favorite part about being a physician?
The most rewarding part of being a physician is informing my patients and their families that their cancer is cured and no further therapy will be required.

4. When did you first learn about HIFU as a treatment for prostate cancer?
I first learned of HIFU as a treatment for prostate cancer in 2008 and went to Nassau to observe and train.

5. Why did you initially become interested in HIFU as a treatment for prostate cancer?
I became interested in HIFU as my practice evolved into mainly treating prostate cancer. I realized that these patients are unwilling to compromise when it comes to their health and side effects of treatment.

6. What do you typically tell a patient when they are first diagnosed with prostate cancer?
I initially mail the patients literature about prostate cancer and then set up a consultation to discuss with them the treatments and all the options. I listen and answer all questions and give them my recommendations and also offer them to seek a second opinion if they wish.

7. What different types of treatments do you offer men with localized prostate cancer?
I offer observation,  IMRT (radiation), Cyberknife radiation, cryotherapy, robotic prostatectomy and HIFU. We also have an advanced prostate cancer clinic for treating more advanced disease patients.

8. In your professional opinion, what are the benefits of HIFU as a treatment for prostate cancer?
HIFU allows me to target specific prostate tissue in a single outpatient treatment, minimizing side effects like erectile dysfunction and incontinence while offering comparable cancer eradication rates compared to more radical treatments. Additionally, it can be repeated and does not preclude the patient from other treatment modalities in the future.

9. How do you decide if HIFU is right for a patient?
I believe HIFU is best for patients with low grade or intermediate grade disease with small to moderate size prostates who wish to have minimal to no side effects.

10. In general, how quickly do your patients recover after HIFU? What do you tell men to expect?
I inform patients that they can return to light duty work within 24 to 48 hours along with resuming most activities.

11. In recent years there has been some discussion about over treating prostate cancer and even changing guidelines on when men should start getting regular screening for prostate cancer. What do you tell men?
I follow the American Urological Association guidelines. For high-risk patients, I start screening them at age of 40. I strongly believe in screening but recognize issues of over treatment and give my patients an option of screening once they are fully informed.

12When you aren’t practicing medicine what do you like to do?
I enjoy spending time with my wife and three children along with hiking traveling and going the gym as much as I can.

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