HIFU Physician Spotlight: Maury Jayson, MD

Dr. Maury Jayson | HIFU doctor | Fort Lauderdale, FLDr. Maury Jayson is board certified by the American Board of Urology, specializing in prostate cancer, BPH, erectile dysfunction and other urologic cancers. He earned a bachelor’s of science degree in biopsychology and economics from Tufts University and a doctor of medicine degree from Jefferson Medical College. Following medical school, Dr. Jayson received an executive certificate in healthcare management at Cornell University and completed a urology residency at Yale University School of Medicine.

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1. How did you decide on your particular specialty? Why urology?
We have a very narrow focused area of expertise with plenty of high-tech and innovative tools and treatments

2. What is your favorite part about being a physician?
I love interacting with patients as I take care of them. They all have interesting and unique stories making every day very different.

3. When did you first learn about HIFU as a treatment for prostate cancer?
I’ve been doing HIFU since nearly the very beginning, treating my first patients around 2008 (outside of the US). I learned all about it from some of the folks that I had work with doing cryosurgery. Some of them branched off into this new and emerging technology. Like many things in my career, I got involved extremely early before most of the people that heard of it.

4. Why did you initially become interested in HIFU as a treatment for prostate cancer?
I love the new technology. It’s so noninvasive and offered a much better side effect profile than any of our then current treatments

5. What do you typically tell a patient when they are first diagnosed with prostate cancer?
First and foremost, not to worry. We talk about all the potential negative side effects of all the various treatment options. We talk about efficacy being very good across the board. And we zero in on the fact that HIFU has the best side effect profile of all.

6. In your professional opinion, what are the benefits of HIFU as a treatment for prostate cancer?
HIFU offers outstanding efficacy that is similar to surgery and radiation, but has a much more favorable side effect profile. Patients are up and around and back to normal activities quicker than any other treatment I have seen. HIFU also helps to preserve sexual function and urinary control better than any other treatment available.

7. How do you decide if HIFU is right for a patient?
HIFU is right for almost any patient, especially if their cancer is localized prostate to the prostate. We do a metastatic work up to ensure the patient does have localized disease and then look at previous surgical history with regards to things that may have affected prostate anatomy.

8. In general, how quickly do your patients recover after HIFU? What do you tell men to expect?
Most of my patients recover and go out for lunch or dinner on the very same day! I tell them they can expect to get back to normal activities extremely quickly.

9. There are obviously a lot of different treatments for prostate cancer; where do you think HIFU best fits in the prostate cancer landscape?
Honestly, I think HIFU can be right for any patient with localized prostate cancer but especially those that are young, sexually active and interested in preserving sexual function. It ensures patients minimal downtime and a great alternative to much more invasive treatments

10. In recent years there has been some discussion about over treating prostate cancer and even changing guidelines on when men should start getting regular screening for prostate cancer. What do you tell men?
I recommend all men begin with a basic check up and a PSA test starting at age 40. Newer genetic testing and noninvasive scans such as MRI allow us to better determine if the cancer is likely to become clinically significant or impact the patients longevity. The decision to treat can be custom tailored for each patient based on his overall health and other factors.

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