Charles’ Story – “HIFU was easily the best option”

Charles lives in North Carolina and when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he feels lucky that Dr. Michael Wolff was his urologist because it quickly led him to HIFU as a treatment option. After more than 10 years later, he is still an advocate for HIFU and for Dr. Wolff!

Why did you choose HIFU?
I was presented with my options including radioactive seed implants, surgery to remove and HIFU. After researching different factors such as a return to normalcy, recovery time and cost – HIFU was easily the best option for me.

How did you decide on Dr Wolff?
I was lucky Dr. Wolff was already my urologist and I was very comfortable with him and his expertise in HIFU.

My main concerns before HIFU were impotence and incontinence as there is a high incidence of these with other treatments, but my concerns were unfounded as neither occurred. Before my HIFU treatment, Dr. Wolff provided me with information such as clinical literature and a video which thoroughly explained the procedure, he also went it over and answered any further questions that i had. I had the treatment in March of 2008 at Doctors Hospital in the Bahamas.

What was your treatment experience like?

After HIFU, I was a bit groggy and had some minor discomfort where the catheter was inserted but other than that i felt good enough to go to eat with my wife that evening! The recovery process was not bad at all. After a couple of weeks, the catheter was removed and I experienced a slight bit of urgency to urinate but that quickly subsided.

What are the benefits of HIFU?

The biggest benefit of HIFU in my opinion is the fast recovery time and a return to normal. My advice to any man diagnosed with prostate cancer is to look at all of the options and decide which is best for him, but I would strongly suggest HIFU if he is a candidate.

If a friend or family member was diagnosed I would definitely recommend HIFU and Dr. Wolff as I feel that the procedure and Dr. Wolff most likely saved my life.

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