Patient Advocacy Spotlight: Prostate Forum of Orange County

Men diagnosed with prostate cancer can find support, resources and connections to other men through the Prostate Forum of Orange County. Patient advocacy groups, like the Prostate Forum,  host meetings, provide educational materials on different treatments and are invaluable to men, and caregivers, as they go through treatment for prostate cancer.

Prostate Forum of Orange County LogoThe Prostate Forum of Orange County is one of the oldest and longest running prostate cancer information and support organization in Orange County, CA. In March 1992 in Fullerton CA, The Prostate Forum was founded by Bill Behn and Murray Corwin. These remarkable men met and decided to organize a prostate cancer support group where men would have the freedom and support to discuss any aspect of the disease without any censorship or restrictions, which in the early years of the few available support groups wasn’t allowed!

Today the Forum hosts monthly meetings with expert speakers on the third Thursday of every month. Before the large meeting with the speaker, they also have smaller group meetings for people who are newly diagnosed with prostate cancer or who have advanced (or recurrent) prostate cancer. Men can ask specific questions, get advice and learn about the latest treatments available for prostate cancer.

One of the largest resources they provide is a very comprehensive video library. They record most of the presentations given by monthly speakers and make them available on their website and on a YouTube Channel. By sharing those videos, they are able to extend their reach of support beyond Orange County, Calif. to any one looking for information on prostate cancer.

Dr. Robert Pugach, of Pacific Coast Urology and Western States HIFU, is a regular speaker and a large supporter of the Prostate Forum of Orange County. Dr. Pugach has spoken several times about HIFU and the benefits of non-invasive treatment, even for low-grade disease.

To learn more about the Prostate Forum of Orange County, visit their website where you can subscribe for regular updates and links to resources.

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