HIFU Physician Spotlight: Anup Vora, MD

Dr. Anup Vora is a urologist at Chesapeake Urology Associates in Maryland. He followed his father’s footsteps when he pursued medicine as a career and he loves having a positive […]… read more

Video Highlights HIFU Prostate Services

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Pi Day and Prostate Cancer

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Most Experienced HIFU Team in U.S.

At HIFU Prostate Services, we have a national platform for creating partnerships with physicians to make HIFU available to men with localized prostate cancer. Then we work with those doctors […]… read more

HIFU Physician Spotlight: Dr. David Konstandt

Dr. David Konstandt of Carolina Urology Partners near Charlotte, North Carolina has been practicing HIFU since 2007. He is a urologist who loves developing relationships with his patients and helping […]… read more

Reimbursement & HIFU for Prostate Cancer

In the summer of 2017, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services issued a reimbursement code that may help some HIFU patients cover some of the expense of paying for […]… read more

Partnering with the Best Urology Practices

We partner with some of the largest and most respected urology practices in the United States to ensure that we only work with the most experienced urologists who offer the […]… read more