Jessica Almodovar

Jessica serves as a bilingual clinical coordinator at HIFU Prostate Services. She has worked as a Registered Medical Assistant for 15 years, 10 of which were pediatric and adult urology. She has assisted physicians with everything from, pre-, intra- and post-operative care and education, to a variety of tasks including in office procedures on infants and adults. Prior to joining HIFU Prostate Services she served as an Advanced Prostate Cancer Coordinator assisting with patients that have all stages of prostate cancer. She has assisted with a variety of prostate cancer procedures/treatments including Urolift, Greenlight Laser, Gold Seed Placement, immunotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, and prostate biopsies. Jessica has also worked with several of our HIFU physician partners that provided her with exposure to the benefits of HIFU prior to joining HIFU Prostate Services.

Jessica was born in Puerto Rico and raised as a USAF brat. She graduated from Technical Career Institute in Miami, Florida. On her spare time she travels and engages in sports and fitness with close friends.