Patient Support Services

We offer the following essential services to every patient treated with HIFU in our network. We believe that in addition to the actual delivery of HIFU, these services are equally as important in treating the patient which is why we provide continuous education and support.

Pre-HIFU Education IconPre-HIFU Education

A HIFU nurse educates all patients on everything they need to know prior to the HIFU procedure (i.e. bowel prep, etc.). You will receive regular phone calls from HIFU nurses to ensure that you have all your questions answered and are fully prepared before the treatment.

Continuous Nursing Support iconContinuous Nursing Support

Since questions come up at all hours of the day, HPS has established a dedicated nursing line to give you direct access to registered nurses who are specially trained to work with HIFU patients. They have experience managing the recovery process and can answer common questions both before and after your HIFU treatment.

90- Day Recovery Support icon90-Day Recovery Support

HIFU nurses communicate regularly with patients starting the day after their HIFU procedure and continue with routine follow-up for three months. Through phone calls and emails, a HIFU nurse will answer your questions and walk you through recovery, including bladder training and what to expect as your body heals.

Two Year HIFU Follow Up IconTwo Year Follow Up

HIFU nurses continue to follow-up with patients for up to 24-months after the HIFU procedure. This includes reminders, via emails and phone calls, to make regular appointments with a physician and to track PSA results every 90 days.

HIFU Patient Education Portal Icon

Patient Education Portal

The private HIFU Patient Education Portal is the only one of its kind. It was speci cally designed to give you access to educational materials, such as videos and resources, which guide you through every step of the HIFU process. It can be accessed 24-hours a day, 7 days a week to help you prepare for what to expect before and after your HIFU procedure.

HIFU Online Support Group icon

Online Support Group

The best way to reduce stress levels for patients is to connect them with others who have gone through a similar experience. Our private online community is a forum for patients to communicate with each other. People can share stories, ask questions or just support one another. HIFU nurses also participate as part of this group to help answer medical related questions.

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