Richard Chopp, MD

Richard Chopp, MD | HIFU Doctor

Richard Chopp, MD attended medical school at The University of Minnesota, served as an Assistant Professor of Urology at the USC Medical Center, and was a special fellow in urology oncology at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Dr. Chopp is well-known in Central Texas for performing vasectomies, but is passionate about prostate cancer care. He has been instrumental in introducing state-of-the-art prostate biopsy technology to Austin that has helped change prostate cancer detection and treatment. While Dr. Chopp works with male patients in all aspects of general urology, his areas of interest include prostate cancer, vasectomies, kidney stone disease, male endocrine urology disorders, and penile curvature.

He is a member of various professional societies, including the Society of University Urologists, the New York Section of the American Urological Society, and the American Urological Association. He has been extensively published in professional journals, and introduced laparoscopic urology surgery to Austin in 1991.

Dr. Chopp is one of the most experienced HIFU physicians in the state of Texas. He traveled to learn HIFU in other countries prior to FDA approval and has been performing HIFU for over ten years. Dr.

Chopp sees patients for HIFU consults in the Jollyville and Westlake offices of Urology Austin in Austin, Texas.