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A PSA ON PSA – A HIFU Patient Testimonial

The following is a personal story and HIFU patient experience from Bill Slover. It was originally posted here.  As a Certified Wealth Strategist (CWS®) I continuously deal with numbers. In this […]… read more

HIFU Physician Spotlight: Dr. David Konstandt

Dr. David Konstandt of Carolina Urology Partners near Charlotte, North Carolina has been practicing HIFU since 2007. He is a urologist who loves developing relationships with his patients and helping […]… read more

Prostate Cancer: Knowledge is Power

Men worry about losing different things as they age: their looks, their hair, their athletic abilities, or losing their sexual performance. While these things are all important, there are many […]… read more

Prostate Cancer – Watch and Wait?

Stunned. Distressed. Angry. These may be some of the emotions that you may be feeling after receiving a diagnosis of prostate cancer. The C-word strikes fear into the hearts of […]… read more

Thankful Thoughts on #GivingTuesday

‘Tis the season for giving thanks and, giving in general. With Thanksgiving just behind us, and Christmas and Hanukkah, just around the corner, Americans are gearing up for giving and […]… read more

HIFU Patient Perspective: Glenn Seymour

We realize that the best way to really understand something, may be to hear about someone else’s experience; to learn from someone else who has already gone through the process. […]… read more