Treatment Options

There are a lot of different kinds of treatment for prostate cancer and the same ones aren’t right for everyone. Every man should talk to his doctor about what treatment is right for him based on his diagnosis and overall health.

In many cases, prostate cancer is a very treatable disease. However, some treatment options may lead to side effects such incontinence and sexual problems that significantly impact quality of life.


For men who are diagnosed early and cancer is expected to grow slowly. Men regularly visit their doctor and monitor the disease closely with frequent tests.

About Active Surveillance


Minimally invasive, outpatient procedure that using focused ultrasound energy to heat and destroy prostatic tissue. HIFU was approved by FDA in the U.S. for prostate tissue ablation in October 2015.

About HIFU


Surgery to remove the prostate is called a radical prostatectomy. There are several types of prostatectomy including one that is performed laparoscopically or with a robot.


Using targeted radiation energy to shrink or stall growth of tumor. There are several types of radiation including external beam radiation that is aimed from outside the body and brachytherapy, which is radioactive seeds that are placed inside the prostate.


Freezing of prostatic tissue to destroy tumor.


A systematic therapy that adds or removes hormones in order to stop or shrink tumor growth.