HIFU Prostate Services

  1. Dr. Frank Tortora talks about HIFU for prostate cancer on

    Dr. Frank Tortora Talks HIFU for Prostate Cancer on WRAL – Raleigh

    Urologist Frank Tortora, MD of NC HIFU talks with WRAL's Health team about HIFU as a minimally invasive prostate cancer treatment option available in the United States along with his patient Glenn Seymour who had HIFU in 2011 and is now cancer-free. …Read More

  2. Men’s Health—Technology Is Changing How Men Get Screened, Treated For Prostate Cancer

      Posted: Friday, August 26, 2016 – 4:30 PM By Dr. Kia Mitchel One man in six in the U.S. has a chance of developing prostate cancer. While prostate cancer is curable if detected in the early stages, prostate cancer screening and treatment opt…Read More

  3. Dr. Kia Michel on KMET Radio

    HIFU on KMET Radio – Dr. Kia Michel

    Listen to Dr. Kia Michel of Beverly Hills, Calif. talk about HIFU for localized prostate cancer. Dr. Michel offers HIFU at La Peer Surgery Center.…Read More

  4. Dr. Michel on Good Morning San Diego

    Dr. Kia Michel Talks about HIFU on Good Morning San Diego

      Dr. Kia Michel Talks about HIFU for prostate cancer on Good Morning, San Diego. Dr. Michel offers HIFU for prostate cancer in Beverly Hills, California.…Read More

  5. Dr. Michael Lazar, Urologist, HIFU Doctor

    New Research Highlights the Need for Men to Be Proactive About Getting Screened for Prostate Cancer

    When it comes to prostate cancer and knowing when to get a checkup, the standard for recommendations are all over the board. New research suggests that avoiding the issue altogether is not a good option for any man, particularly for those with prost…Read More

  6. Men’s Health: Technology is changing the way men are screened and treated for prostate cancer.

    It is important for men to reflect on their lifestyle and health choices, and perhaps even to consider a medical screening. Among the many health-related issues that concern men, prostate cancer remains a common topic of discussion. Prostate cancer…Read More

  7. Treatment team for first Prostate HIFU case in Houston.

    HMU is the first facility in Houston to offer FDA approved HIFU for prostate tissue ablation as a therapy for prostate cancer

    Houston Metro Urology is proud to be the first medical practice in Houston to offer HIFU as an option to treat localized prostate cancer. We are aware that when it comes to your prostate cancer, there are many options. Our goal is to provide patient…Read More

  8. Los Angeles Urologist Discusses New Prostate Cancer Treatment HIFU

    Board-certified urologist Dr. Kia Michel comments on the risks of FDA approved high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) therapy for prostate cancer. PRWeb. February 26, 2016 High intensity focused ultrasound, also known as HIFU, is a cancer treatment…Read More

  9. Study Supports Hemiablation HIFU for Prostate Cancer

    High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) hemiablation offers mid-term promising functional and oncologic outcomes in carefully selected patients with clinically localized prostate cancer (PCa), according to researchers. In a prospective cohort stud…Read More

  10. SonaCare Medical Image

    SonaCare Medical Launches Remote Monitoring Platform During Live HIFU Procedures

    SonaCare Medical achieves a successful pilot using the Company’s new remote monitoring software, Sonalink™ Virtual Strategy Magazine. PRWeb. February 10, 2016 SonaCare Medical, LLC reports the introduction of a highly anticipated expansion to th…Read More